Mobile Price-Watching for Crude Oil, Gold, Gas, Natural Gas, and Heating Oil

With the fluctuations in recent months and years of the Stock and Futures Markets, it is necessary to keep informed of the current prices at all times. BlackGold for the iPhone and iPod Touch gives you mobile price-watching power in the palm of your hand. Near-realtime prices on your mobile device, 24/7.

Five price watch options available:
1. Crude Oil - WTI - Current Price, including four charts.
2. Gasoline - Regular, Mid, Premium, Diesel, E85.
    (US National Average provided by AAA)
3. Gold - Troy Oz. - Current Price, including seven charts.
4. Natural Gas - Current Price, including intraday chart.
4. Heating Oil - Current Price, including intraday chart.

By tapping the Gear icon (upper left corner), you can select which tab to have BlackGold automatically load when you launch the App.

To reload a price-watch page, simply press the refresh icon and the price/graph will reload with the updated information.

A valid Internet connection is required for BlackGold to retrieve prices and information. 3G/Wifi is preferred and will give you the best results. EDGE may be a little slow.

In order to offer BlackGold as a FREE app, it is ad-supported.

alertVersion 4.0, with In-App Upgrade, available NOW!


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